The thing I love most about this chicken wormer is the sulphur because it turns the water pretty colors. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I also love it because it’s a natural wormer that kills the parasites in my birds but...also makes galaxy water...which makes watering the birds a little more fun in the 110 degree heat 🤷🏼‍♀️

For every 100 boys that enter scouts: 30 will drop out in the first year. 4 scouts will achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. 45 will serve in the military. 1 will use scout skills to save someone else's life. 2 will report that they used scout skills to save their own lives 17 will serve as volunteers as adults 8 will find their future life vocations from scouting Only 4 out of 100 boys in the USA will become scouts, but of the leaders of this nation and business/religion/politics, 75% were scouts. Only 4% of our nations youth were scouts, but 65% of all college and university graduates were scouts. 26 of 29 of the first astronauts in NASA's program were Eagle Scouts, and 133 of the 233 astronauts were scouts at one time. A nationwide survey showed that: 89% of senior class presidents were scouts. 80% of junior class presidents were scouts. 85% of student council presidents were scouts. 88% of school newspaper editors were scouts. 71% of football captains were scouts. 64% of basketball captains were scouts. 64% of Air Force Academy graduates were scouts. 58% of West Point graduates were scouts. 70% of Annapolis graduates were scouts. 72% of Rhodes Scholars were scouts. 85% of FBI Agents were scouts at one time. Famous Eagle Scouts include Sam Walton, James Lovell, Hank Aaron, Gerald Ford, John Glenn, and Steven Spielberg. Other former scouts include John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Stewart, Harrison Ford, Nolan Ryan, Bill Gates, and more. Scouting makes a difference!

I love that I can call my cows in by whistling so my sick ass can sit on the water trough and not do much 😂 Also, my sweet Violet is starting to develop an udder! She should be around 6 months preggo and I’m so excited to see her first calf! Daisy and Rosie will also be calving for the second time this fall! Swipe to see all the babies, including little Elsa bringing up the rear 🖤 Sharing for #❤️myfarm hosted by @the_red_barn_farm @camoandfeathers @the_teenage_homesteader ❤️

Give me music that feels like it reaches into my soul and lights a rhythmic fire! We were front row on the banks of the Bogue Falaya River at sunset listening to gorgeous New Orleans jazz and swing tunes. The live music here in #SoLA is so incredible. Carl LeBlanc, Dariel Faucheaux, and Olga gave beautiful performances. #ilovemyhome #sosoulful . . . . . #concertsatthelanding #datenight #livemusicconcert #sosoulful #southlouisiana #northshoreliving #neworleansjazz #livejazz #liveswing #feelthemusic #feeltherhythm #soulful @pbaker1328 @iamsarahcox @iamtimcox

Y’all!! I can’t handle this baby! I think Oakley De Feliciana is adjusting to her family. I’m so glad she is close so we can see her all the time!🐶❤️ #felicianagundogs #frenchbrittanypuppy #frenchbrittanysofinstagram #epagneulbreton #eb #woodcockhunting #southlouisiana

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Don’t forget Guy’s!!!! 😃 We have ~ Homemade Prepared (Frozen) Favorite’s too❣️❣️❣️Crab Patties, Stuffed Shrimp, Crawfish Patties, Crab Balls, Stuffed Claw Fingers, Crab Stuffed Jalapeños, Crawfish Stuffed Pepper Strips & So Much More!!! 😋 All Prepped, Frozen & Ready to Go! Come by! We are Waiting on You!!! 🤗 #crabcakes #stuffedshrimp #stuffedjalapenos #crabclaws #crawfishcakes #seafood 🦐🐠🦀

The move is almost over. #hothot #shoo #southlouisiana

Saint Bernard Sunset 🐊☀️🌅 #southlouisiana 📷@ibarrilleaux

Bathroom Break. 👌🖤😎🔪🕛🍃🌳

Took monkey doodle on a QUICK stroll today💚 it’s wayyyy too hot here in #southlouisiana 🌞💦 #kohenburton #trikelife #4in1trike #myboys #familytime

I’m so excited to announce that along with creating jewelry, I will also be creating paintings!! This is something i’ve given a lot of thought to and decided to go for it. I’ve always loved to paint and be creative and it makes me happy to be able to share my passion with others!! There’s more paintings to come so stay tuned!! These babes are up on Etsy now for $18 a piece🤩 LINK IN BIO