Early sun on Benfleet creek


HYPE IT UP!! The #TECHABREAK Challenge begins on the 27th of this August!!! 🥁🥁🥁 We challenge you to take a long hard look at how you procrastinate and do something about it. Over the week, we will be actively raising awareness with content that spotlights how deep of a hole we all are actually in with technology 🤔🤔🤔 Ask yourself, “What makes you procrastinate?”. Notes on challenge -> Your reflections can be documented on any kind of format such as a vlog, journal/diary, google docs, etc. -> Feel free to share your experiences on social media after the challenge anywhere you like! -> If you break your challenge streak, it is okay! Keep going and try again tomorrow 😊 Keep an eye out for future updates. Share this post for your friends and fam to see! Maybe you can help someone break out of their bad habits 😎😎😎 #techabreak #hustle #breakingbadhabits #challenge #hype #raisingawareness #reflection #share #letsgo