🌿...der genügsame Mitbewohner 🌿 #clusia #botanicalwomen

Notre dîner de ce soir 🥑🥒🥕 J’essaye d’innover un peu 😅 Avocats farcis au surimi, citron, mayo bio, poivrons et chia, salade de carottes et courgettes râpées au petit lait de mascarpone (voir plus loin dans mon roman⤵️), sésame et curry. Je me doutais qu’après un mois et demi en voyage j’aurais envie de cuisiner... du coup aujourd’hui j’ai fait: de la confiture de fraises 🍓, du mascarpone maison 🏠, des pasteis de nata avec pâte feuilletée maison 🏡, une glace aux amandes, cannelle et citron pour les accompagner, un plateau de fromages de ouf 🧀 , et puis ces petites assiettes pour changer des salades composées! Le pas à pas est dans les photos ▶️ Vous aimez les gourmands?? Bisous faut que j’aille préparer le dessert (devinez ce que c’est 😜)

My first year growing tomatoes, and they are Finally readyyy🍅💃

You can’t see me if I hide behind this other hedgehog 🌵🦔 #besties

Desert Rose🌹

This home..our home. Josh and I moved into this fixer upper 5 years ago. I was pregnant with Gracie. We would spend our nights cuddled up on the couch watching movies together, in quiet. During the day we would kiss each other good bye and head to work. Things have definitely changed. • Now, we wrap our tired feet together, after a long days work to face one another in our hammock swings and try to have conversations while the kids run up and down the hall screaming and yelling, dancing and singing. • This house used to be so quiet & now it’s filled with laughs and cries and spooky night time stories and early morning cartoons. I do miss the quiet but I am so thankful for the noise. That noise means there is so much love here. That noise means my body was capable of carrying and birthing 3 beautiful humans. That noise is our greatest blessings. • Count your blessings even in the noise, because before we know it the house will be silent. Not tiny feet running around, no screams for momma or daddy. No more noise. Just silence. And then guess what? We’re gonna miss it so much ♥️ • #findingjoyinmotherhood #diaryofastayathomemom #thisismotherhood #momlife #motherhood #hammocklife #livingroomdecor #bohofarmhouse #ourstyle #mycorneroftheworld #plantlady

All white everythang 🙌🏼

It’s Wednesday!! And #onwednesdaysweplantpink 💕 • We are looking for a social media and design intern to help us create more content! My camera skills just don’t do these beauties justice and that’s making them sad.. 😢 DM if interested! College students might be able to use the work and as internships credits too 😉🤓 . . . . . #plantlife #planttherapy #plantenabler #plantstagram #plantaddict #plantlady #iloveplants #urbanjungle #plantsinfocus #plantenabler #urbanjunglebloggers #plantsarefriends #botanicalpickmeup #plantlove #greenthumb #indoorjungle #plantgang #dracaena #hoya #peacelily #chineseevergreen #variegated #houseplantclub #meandplantsarefriends #plantmail #PLANTSTOTHEPEOPLE

Found this cool guy while strolling around at the nursery this weekend. Anyone knows the name of it?! 🌿💚

Thank you to @plantefru for this sweet pic :) . Use #positiveplantpals for a chance to be featured