We took a quick side trip to #palouse country outside #spokane for a beautiful sunset. We were a little bit late for perfect photos, but it was still spectacular. #adventureswithdan #wheat #steptoebutte #sunset #allthecolors #mytinyatlas #seemore #adventuremore #adventurethatislife

Back roads in the Palouse . . #palouse #lostinwashington #carcass

The sunrise was disappointing, and nearly all the other photographers left. Sitting on a bench, watching the sun continue to rise with my family, suddenly the sun cut shadows through the mist just right. It seems sometimes life has a way of marveling in the moments we least expect. Canon 5d Mk III, 40mm, f/20, ISO 100, 13 second exposure with 6-stop ND filter #palousefalls #palousefallsstatepark #washington #Palouse #waterfalls #lightrays #canon #pnwonderland #ndphotography

Palouse is an agricultural region in eastern WA. It's tuscan landscape stole my heart when I first came accross a video on YT while back. It was on top of my list of places to visit in WA. It's a fairytale. It's a dream. No words can describe the beauty of this region. . . . . #palouse #rollinghills #easternwashington #dreamy #fairytale #beautiful #washingtonstate #roadtrip #adventure #heartneedstravel #sonya6000 #sonyalpha #sonyphotography #earth_shotz #amazing_shots #depthsofearth #seattlephotographer #seattle_igers #picoftheweekend #moodygrams #storm #rainyday #upperleftusa

🌼🌿 I couldn’t find a daffodil emoji 😢😅

Storms make the earth honest. They rattle the edges and tear it to shreds before gifting the calm again. Your own hardships and storms do the same to you. They rinse you clean. They paint new colors. They deepen your understanding. They give your new language a certain sweet serenity not previously known

This past weekend I got to experience an entirely new landscape in Washington (which doesn’t happen all too often), which left me in awe. Part of me now regrets not getting over to this area sooner. All the reason to return next year.

Palouse fields. #palouse

#MainstreetMonday spotlight on #Palouse: The third-largest city in Whitman County, this was the commercial hub of the North Palouse River valley. The stream, which runs through the center of the town, is bordered by several blocks of one-story and two-story business buildings, and warehouses, industrial plants, and the railroad tracks. Wide paved streets lead to pleasant residential districts on the slopes of the hills that crowd down upon the town. . In the course of its existence, Palouse has had a varied history. When Modoc Smith settled here in 1875 he found a well-defined trail running from the fertile valley, called Our Home by the Palouse Native Americans, eastward to the forested mountains of Idaho, where the natives went on hunting, fishing, and berry-picking expeditions. Among the early settlers were some of the Quantrell bands, outlaws who were active in Missouri and other border states during the Civil War. Later, when settlers began to come into the country in increasing numbers and mining in Idaho began to boom, Palouse became a stage stop and outfitting point. In the 1880s a flour mill and several sawmills were operating, and logs were floated down the river from the heavily forested Idaho mountains a few miles to the east. Later Palouse had several pea-processing and canning plants. . 📸: @washingtonhistory, @erinnwehrman, @jillannski00

Wouldn’t want to live here but damn the Palouse is gorgeous! #palouse #redbarn

Oceans of land