My corner for PC Gaming ... slowly will be complete .. ryzen 7 1700.16 gb ram, nvidia 1080, Samsung ssd, Corsair waterblock, 144hz 1ms monitor 😍😍 soon a second monitor and then it will be complete !!!! I hope to have 60fps on all the games 😍 obviously ps4 pro and Nintendo switch are on the TV in the living room. Let’s play #teraonline • • • • 👾Gaming👾 @gamerlady.sophia @shay_420_ @fan.tendo @cous90gaming @kagome8 @tiny_gamer_ 🔝🔝Go to support • • • • • • #pcgaming #pc #game #gamer #games #gameon #gametime #gamerguy #gameday #gameplay #gameonline #gaming #gaminglife #gamingpics #gamingfolk #gamingsetup #gamingroom #setup #setupgaming #nintendo #ps4 #asus #nvidiageforce #nerd #nerdtime #nerds #onepiece #pokemon #xbox

Everytime you feel run down and feel like giving up I want you to pick yourself off the ground and remember that you can always change your circumstances. ____________________________________ I got picked on at school for being chubby so i lost weight after I finished school, I felt self conscious because I was a skinny PT. So I did something about it and got jacked. Yes, it was six years of hard work with lots of ups and downs, but I got there in the end and SO WILL YOU MY FRIEND! The thing I learnt most though was that you have to love yourself, no matter what shape or form you are in. Start loving yourself today and you will see your life unfold into positivity and happiness. Trust me on this! _____________________________________ TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS SO YOU DON'T MISS OUT ON AWESOME TIPS

Listen up guys! The friendzone sucks, but lucky for you, you wont be in it ever again. You have to realize that you have a very slim chance of escaping and dating her so give up and move on. Don't try win her over. The key is to prevent it before it happens. _____________________________________ The reason you are friendzoned in the first place comes down to two factors 1) She doesn't find you attractive 2) She finds you attractive but you don't have the guts to ask her out. _____________________________________ Now the only way to find out is to ask her out. This is the hard and brutal way to go about it. The other way is to read her body language. Look for lip biting, touching, playing with their hair. Often times girls will lead the way by giving you subtle clues like these. She will also give you clues about whether shes not attracted to you too. _____________________________________ Now of you don't have the courage or confidence to ask her out don't worry, because my Hero ebook has got you covered. It covers self esteem and dating. I also go through how to read womans body language as mentioned. _____________________________________ P.S Its in it's final stage of editing so if you want a FREE copy when its realeased then msg 'please' below. (If you have done so on a previos post don't worry because you are already on the list) ____________tags_____________________ #Fitnessnerd #Nerdfitness #Nerdgains #Geekphysiques #Nerdstrong #Nerdswholift #Bethehero #Nerdlife #Nerdlifestyle #Nerdtime #Fitnerd #Fitnerds #Fitgeeks #Nerdnation #Nerdthatlifts #Fitfam #Fitlife #Gymtime

What a moment😀 A old picture of myself. I spend this day with my mum and my grandma. I want share with you this beautiful moment. My appearance looks like a nerd, right? 🤓😂 So, my mum found this picture and she show me it. I ask : " how do you like my " style ". Her answer was so directly. " Boy, you are so ugly "😂😂. Anyway. I want give you are very import message. Firstly don't have any shame about your appearance. Secondly accept yourself and be confident that you are healthy. Thirdly you can create your deep beauty in every age. I love to experiment different looks. This time was my nerd time. But I don't say that I'm ugly. Okay, now I look much better 😂😏 but the point is that you don't say I can't change. You can change your mind, your appearance, your look. Don't worry about your age, friends, family, social society or what else. ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ #nerd #nerdtime #freak #beautyandbeast #whereismybeauty #model #longhairs #oldpictureofme #greatday #familyday #change #transformation #youcaneverything #bestrong #trustyourself #workforit #iloveme #selflove

I’m always in the mood for a The Legend of Zelda game and this look pretty attractive to play “The Legend of Zelda - Phantom Hourglass” #nintendo #goodvibes #NerdTime #SundayFunday

The Thames Barrier • Protecting #London from flooding since the 80s, it protects the Big Smoke from crazily high tides and storm surges from the North #Sea. It’s one of the largest movable flood barriers in the world. 🤓 #uk #uktravel #london #bigsmoke #nerdtime #geography #river #thames #oldfatherthames #thamespath

The key to success is about figuring out why you really want to get into shape. What do you get out of it? ____________________________________ Do you get more attention from women? Do you feel more comfortable and confident? Do you feel stronger and more masculine? ____________________________________ Figuring out what you earn from being ripped helps you figure out how to get there. It gives you the motivation to act and also the fear that keeps you moving forward. Because if you don't act now you may never feel the benefits of having those qualities. _____________________________________ Remember fear is more powerful then pleasure.... but you can use both to be even more powerful. Remember that! _____________________________________ P.s I am releasing an ebook over the next few weeks and will be handing the first version out to get feedback. So if you want a copy then comment 'please'