It’s late but I got it done! #upperfix. Listening to Eminem while working out helps too. Not exactly music for kids so good thing they’re on the 3rd floor! Got to talk to my son tonight which was awesome and he’s doing great! I’m so freakin proud of that kid! He’s exactly where he wants to be and as a parent that makes me happy. I feel my anxiety has subsided a lot and I’m feeling less like I could rip someone’s face off at any moment. Ya that’s dramatic but unless you’re me and in my head you have no idea what that’s like. Honestly it’s hell, but I think I’m getting better at working through it. Now I’m going to relax and sit my butt in front of the tv. #roadtotoughmudder #beachbodyondemand #igotthis💪 #makingmuscles #momswithmuscles #proudmom

There are some moves in the current program I’m doing where 10 lbs just doesn’t quite cut it and 15’s are too much (for now 😉) so I primed these babies right to my door and did a little happy dance when I saw they had arrived today 🙌 Looking back, I remember starting my very first program with 3 and 5lb weights... I love celebrating non scale victories like this! Looking forward to adding heavier weights into my Amazon cart before the end of this program!! #liift4life #strongereveryday #momswithmuscles #nonscalevictories

I almost didn’t work out tonight. I was SOO tired and I wanted to just relax. . Then I started to think what I would tell my challengers. The people who look to me for guidance. I wouldn’t let them say no to a workout out. I would make them push through. I would tell them that results don’t happen by sitting on your booty watching TV. . So, I got up and I pushed play. There were many times during the workout where I wanted to stop. My shoulders hurt. I was tired. I thought I did a “sufficient” amount. I was done. . Again, I reminded myself what I would tell others. And I kept going. . I may workout, eat clean and be “in shape” but it doesn’t always mean I want to. I’m human. I get tired, I love PIZZA, I want to relax too. But that fire burning inside me to reach my goal is too powerful to let myself quit. And I’m happy I didn’t skip Shoulder day. I’m happy I didn’t quit halfway through. And now I’m energized 💪🏼 . #fitlife #fitmom #momlife #momswithmuscles #momswholift #momswhoworkout #homeworkout #gains #shoulder #abs #dedicated #coach

Found my way tonight even when it was later than I wanted. We are about to be so busy with moving but I’m not letting that be my excuse to not keep working on me and my health. I feel mentally and physically better after a workout. My mind is clearer, my focus is better, I just feel on top of the world. And yes even after working out late at night. I just feel like I am a better “me”. And that’s all I want for my family, to be my best for them! So if I can do it why not you?! #Fitmomof2 #mombod #michigangirl #healthiswealth #preschoolteacher #momlife #momminainteasy #athomefitness #momswithmuscles #progressnotperfection #challengesmakeyoustronger #tiredasamother #momstrong! #girlpreneur #coachlife #wellnessjourney #fridaynightworkout #makeyouapriority #youareworthit #fithubbyandwifey

Some summer time fun after work with 2 of my babies (yes he’s a man child who is much taller than me - may be on my tip toes... but he’s still my baby) . Little miss is getting braver! 🙌💪💕 . #fitisfun #fitmom #momlife #momof3 #momswholift #momswithmuscles #singlemomlife #summerfun #blessed

Sometimes you have to get creative, my coach programmed a new workout for me for my refeed day and we don't have a cardio rope pull machine. I remembered @christophercrossfit rigging some kind of rope pull way back when and so I jimmy rigged one up for myself. I wasn't about to do less work because I knew what was waiting for me at the end. #refeedday #bodybuilding #chicksthatlift #npcfigurecompetitor #npc #figurecompetitor #figuregirls #npcbikini #bikinigirls #momswithmuscles #fitchick #fitfam #instafit #teamladyhammer

😍 This is why Im LOVING this lifting and HIIT cardio program yall - The workouts are short, only done 4 days a week, and can be done anywhere!! - I dont get BORED since there's new movements each workout. - It's helping me build lean muscle (which speeds up my metabolism)! - The heavier the weights, the more energy and calories are burned. - Our coach test group is the BIGGEST test group ever with 45,000 coaches with success stories from this program in the MAKING!! 👏👏👏 . Plus there's still time to sign up as a coach with me for the discounts and jump in the coach test group to learn from the fitness trainer and creator of the program, @joelfreemanfitness Freeman . . And for my ladies who are worried about getting buly ... I promise you wont! You'll just get beautifully toned and lean. And who wouldnt want that?! 😙 . . . . #fitmominspo #momswithmuscles #newmomlife #workoutflow #girlswholift

Watching her run around in the ferns, chasing toads and sliding down the sand hills makes my soul happy ❤️ - - - - #puremichigan #countrylife #upnorthmichigan

If you are as big of a Mexican food lover as I am, then you will LOVE this recipe!! I’ve made this recipe a million times and it is so good every time! Chicken Enchilada Casserole! Gotta try it!! . . . . Recipe -

* I know this is long, but please take a minute to read it* I would love you ladies to know where I coming from... Literally. When I look back to when I was 20, (for reference I am 46 now) if you would’ve asked me if I would’ve made such A HUGE IMPACT on so many women’s lives in my future. My answer would’ve been a hands up YES! However, back then… (when we think we "know it all" ha ha!!) I thought it would be because I was passionate about health and fitness and I would transform women's bodies (the outside). So I devoured and was certified in nutrition classes, got certified in just about every form of fitness exercise out there too. And began to take on women clients left and right. AHHH, Born was my My First Business, CMM Women's Fitness, LLC❤️ (I did this on the side at first because at 19 I began working at a medical facility and worked my up to supervisor-it allowed for health insurance for my children and I and the patients were amazing too) Did I help women (it is their body) to transform their bodies? YES. But through my journey, ahhh, gotta love the twenties, and having two children before the age of 23 (and a divorce and single motherhood), I was guided to begin to re-connect with my Intuitive Self (the me that was still in there before Ego came into the picture.)-more on that another time. What I began to do naturally (universal guidance) was to incorporate, connecting with their intuitive selves, into the training of my clients. And again, a gift from the universe, I had mothers and grandmothers asking me if I could go to "their" gym and train them or if could I go to their house and train them there? So, I did. Incorporating working on the inside, their intuitive self, with their fitness and health. Oh, my gosh!! By combining these two, sparks and awakenings and success was flying all over the place, not to mention the high vibes!! Then....when SKYPE came out (remember that!!) I had those same clients ask if I could train their friends that lived hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away. So, I followed that path the Universe put in front of me (thank you again Universe) and said, Of Course! To be cont.....

❓What’s your favorite way to active the glutes before leg day ⁉️ This has become a staple warm-up for me! They burnnnnn so good 🔥 Try it next time! • Like Spongebob said, KEEP DA PINKY UPPPP 😂 • • #gym #gymvideos #fitmom #fitchick #fitspo #fitwomen #fitjourney #fitness #fitnessmotivation #muscle #motivation #momswholift #momswithmuscles #myfitnessjourney #lift #progress #f4f #progressnotperfection #strongwomen #strengthtraining #striveforgreatness #booty🍑 #squats #legday #workout #exercise #fitnesslife

I'll be honest... sometimes this is the only reason I workout! For the post-workout shake! 🙊 . . And.. I don't even like chocolate!! So.... great job @optimumnutrition 👏🏼👏🏼💪🏼 . . #postworkoutfuel #fitwoman #fitfam #strongmama #fitish #igfitmoms #fitmom #strongisthenewskinny #yumyum #almondmilk #proteinshaketime #fitnessjourney #momswithmuscles #beactive #optimumnutrition

Check out that view in the picture! One of my favorite things to do here in #lacrossewi is to hike. We have some pretty amazing bluff with glorious views. This picture I took today was in the same spot last spring I sat, prayed and decided to go #allin with my own health and this amazing #sidegig that I am loving. I made a goal that day! To always set myself as a priority, so that I could be my best version for my friends and family. To share my journey so that I could impact and guide other women looking for change. To work hard, trust God and be home with my kiddos this summer!! I am proud of myself for making those goals and embarking on them. They were out of my comfort zone and they were handwork, but as I sat there today I was proud. And while I was up there I also made a couple more goals. In life it’s so easy to make excuses. “It’s not the right timing.” “I could never do what you are doing.” “It’s too hard.” BUT, what would you tell your kids when they said things like that? WHY NOT? IT DOESN’T HURT TO TRY. YOU WILL NEVER KNOW IF YOU DON’T TRY. IT MIGHT BE HARD BUT KEEP TRYING! So, WHY NOT set that goal you have been thinking about? WHY NOT set yourself as a priority? WHY NOT ask for help and join the 100 of individuals in our group who said, WHY NOT and went for it! If you are ready to set that goal and say WHY NOT TRY and join us we are excitingly waiting for you! #progressoverperfection #whynot #sweateveryday #momswithmuscles #workhardplayhard #workoutmotivation #instafit #dreambig #goals #exercise #empoweringwellness39 #momswholift #momonamission #happylife #goodnutrition #health #active #fitfam #fitlife

Being a LEADER (no bosses here 🙅🏼‍♀️) means never asking anyone to do something you aren’t willing to do yourself...which on this glorious afternoon means taping and spackling in a tennis skirt 😂 for tomorrow’s paint 🎨 job! @thebarerepublic 2.0 coming soon 💅🏼 #fuckladders #fuckshoes #salonlife #masterlifejuggler