My father died when I was 22 and I only have two things of his - his favorite jacket and his watch. . So when I say I get it, I GET IT - it’s hard to separate what's sentimental / important from what is just stuff. . The urge to keep every item my dad touched was strong; he was never going to accumulate new stuff so I felt like I had to hold on to everything. But also - it was just stuff (although, honestly, this took me some time to realize...). Keeping his fishing equipment, statue artworks from set (I didn’t even get what some of it was!!) and making a quilt of his old shirts wasn't going to benefit me if I never used any of it (and I wouldn’t have). I had his favorite jacket, I wore his watch, and I kept so many photos. It really was all I needed. . Our memories are not in our things. #thatnostufflife

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Scandi-Boho is one of those styles that exudes a relaxing calming vibe and I think we all need a spot that can help us unwind!➰ Featured here: Our Boho Luxe Cushion Collection & White Sun Tribal Plate

Yesterday, while me and my husband stood at a red light while running errands , there was a homeless man standing at the intersection with a sign. As he walked past all the cars before ours I notice how as he waved to people no one waved back. It was disheartening to see that no one was even acknowledging this poor man enough to simply give something as free as a wave to him. As people we need to remember to show more kindness , more compassion , more empathy for others. As he approached the car before ours the young lady reached out a granola bar to him and I thought to myself thank goodness love still does exist in this world. Strive to show more love not just today but everyday , alittle bit always goes a long way ! . . . . . . . . #compassion #love #thoughtfulness #lovethyneighbor #goodness #help #minimalhome #cottage #home #sunday #wordsofwisdom #encouragement #acknowledge #helpothers #empathy #bekind #lovemore #realsimple #lifestyleblogger #interiors #simpleliving #thankful #florals #beams #kitcheninspo #design #dogsofinstagram

Paninho dia Maria sendo usado na composição dessa mesa linda 🖤 não ficou incrível?? Eu ameiii... Foto da @paulacarvalhoarquitetura , super indico o Instagram dela , cheio de inscrições !! #nórdico #panosdeprato #cozinhanordica #monochrome #monocromatico #cozinhaescandinava #decoracaoescandinava #panodeprato #industrialdesign #cozinhaindustrial #nordic #decoracaonordica #cozinhanordica #bohodecor #geometrico #decoracaogeometrica #minimalista #minimalhome #decoracaominimalista

I LOVED our kitchen before but now I EXTRA love it. My partner and I enjoy baking/cooking/making messes in the kitchen and this island will add so much value to our home by giving us that extra space to do what makes us happy. . My goal after moving was to add furniture intentionally and after living without an island for a couple months, we both knew it was time to add one.

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