#lorenzagiudice #foodconsultant Sapete quante volte ho chiesto 🙏 a questa bella donna e alla sua socia di preparare una #purapinsa #anchesenza glutine? Da questa immagine ne avete la prova e non cede 😂😂😂 Io resisto prima o poi si arrenderà 🥊 #goodfood #light #recipes #liguria

Inspo. We’re going to make a tune that sounds like the way this artwork at MOCA LA looks. It’s titled “Monument” by minimalist artist Dan Flavin. . . . . . #danflavin #minimalism #la #losangeles #moca #art #artwork #modernart #contemporaryart #museum #inspo #edm #electronica #neon #light #electronicmusic

«Donner de la lumière et les gens trouveront le chemin.» #photography #light #bruxelles #night #nikon3300 #photographer

Last year when i was in Rishikesh, I was looking for a place in the market. I asked a few people for direction and there was a priest outside a small dharamshala who told me where the place was and told me he was going the same way and he would have dropped me on his bike but he is not allowed to and since it's outside his school he wouldn't want people to look at him talking to a girl. Let alone drop her somewhere on his bike. I thanked him and we moved on... . I remembered this incident today after a conversation and it had me thinking... why do we fear things so much? In general. We are all fearful of a lot of things. Things that we can see and things that we can't. Fearful of being ourselves fully or show parts of us that we think might not be acceptable. Why do we fear living in the moment entirely? Why are we so comfortable being tamed even when it makes us uncomfortable? Why do we fear to blossom? To be a raw, wild flower? Why do we fear people? Respecting someone that you love is different. I am talking about doubting what feels right to you. Why do we fear hurting people so much? But when you actually think about it, it's never the other person. It's about hurting your own idea of what you thought thungs should be or you should. It's never entirely about what the other person would feel. It's about how You would feel inside your own head about their reaction. AND the 'other person' that we fear feels the same about us too coz we are the 'other person'in their case. Its a cycle. Then technically we don't actually fear anything outside but our own self. Isn't it? . On that note. Signing of for the day ❤ . . . . . . . . . . #spirituality #truth #humans #fear #conditioning #love #light