Día 12: Tre Le Champ - Les Houches. Día final de la travesía. Un día perfecto, soleado, un poco caluroso, pero lleno de energía. En total fueron 180km, más de 10.000m de ascenso acumulado, 3 países, sangre sudor y lágrimas en 55 horas de caminata. Acepto que muchas veces pensé en dejarlo, pero es reconfortante poder terminarlo. Gran experiencia de vida, romper tu límites 12 días seguidos y convencer a tu cuerpo de que siempre se puede más, no importa que tan cansado estés. Lo repetiria sin pensarlo. Ya estoy pensando en el próximo.💪 . . #cleanair #travel #courage #france #alpinism #tourdumontblanc #france🇫🇷 #love #walking #instatravel #solotravel #igtravel #snow #bestday #tourdumontblanc2018 #O2 #mountain #hiking #hikingtrail #backpacking

YESTERDAY was a hard day. So I made plans with a friend and she and I turned to the mountains, the rivers, and the trees for a shared solitude and a place to begin healing. It required hiking up hill and a lot of deep breathing. It felt good. It felt needed. I had the opportunity today to reflect on a myriad of things that have been at the forefront of my thoughts recently. Here is what I concluded after coming down from the mountaintops: I think there’s a great amount of pressure we put on ourselves to ‘stick it out’ or ‘stay’ with something/someone that we’ve invested a lot of our time, energy and perhaps money on. And we’re not allowed to set ourselves free unless we have a ‘substantial reason’. That thing or that person we’re holding onto HAS to have done something wrong or bad to us in some big way in order to justify coming to an end. OR we commonly rationalize staying because of x, y, and z. We convince ourselves that ending something that seemingly has nothing wrong with it or appears to be ‘all good’ - even if we aren’t feeling happy or connected to that person, place or thing - makes us a bad person. Why? - because we SHOULD want to ‘stay’ and protect what we love and whom we love. But when it comes to your own feelings, there are no should’s. You just feel what you feel - & we all deserve to honor that. One of the biggest lessons I’m trying to learn and teach myself is that there can be a lot of love and kindness in something you love, a place you’ve been to, or a person you’ve met — AND it can still be unhealthy or the wrong fit. That you can recognize the genuine good and great qualities — AND still feel unhappy or disconnected or unfulfilled. You’re allowed to honor your feelings + prioritize your self care. You’re allowed to re-evaluate your connections. You’re allowed to give yourself space. You are not a bad person. You are not being selfish or shitty or effed up. You are being human and you are still learning and figuring out what feels right for You. And it’s okay to still be figuring it out - whether you’re 18 years old or 88 years old. You’re allowed to change your mind at anytime. You’re allowed to choose yourself always.

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. ⛰ --------------------------------------------------- Wolfgangsee

Miss the early season hiking when streams where abundant