Not sure if I find this funny or disrespectful #lol #fountain #usa #neworleans

This particular moment made me think of all those times when I was between 16-21yrs old when I thought I had to experience all the cool stuff life had to offer before 21 😂 . Not sure why 🤔 . I thought being older than 21 would make me super old and like the flick of a switch I’d start doing more adulty things like pick a career, make lots of money, buy a house, go on annual holidays, hate going out, be boring 😂😂😂😂 . Oh how wrong I was 🙄 #millenials #thatsme . I am me and I’ll never hate going out. From 24-26yrs old I found myself. What I love and what I don’t love. Sometimes I love late night walks by pretty fountains dressed like a cast member of mamma Mia....👗😜🙌🏼😍 . And sometimes I like to stay home in trackies and eat reheated boil up on toast 😍 . Either way I love that at 26 I feel younger than when I was 21 😄 . I love how the only thing that has changed is my own beliefs and perspective and suddenly the world (for the most part) is rainbows 🌈 and unicorns 🦄 and endless opportunities . I have my fair share of shit days too, incase you’re wondering “fuck a duck Monica’s life looks perfect” It’s not perfect but it became a great damn life once I learnt gratitude, patience, acceptance, responsibility, mindset and all the other cool stuff my fav leaders have taught me ❤️ . Did you ever think that adulthood would hit you one day when you hit a certain age? . ⬇️Comment Below and tell me I wasn’t the only one 😂

What a delicious Duchamp fountain, making an important point about our drinking water, but Billie wasn’t impressed, you can hear her faintly saying ‘yuck. Yuck. Eeewww.’ I hope this “museum experience” of drinking out of a toilet doesnt come back to haunt us.

love catching people in the midst of creating 👁✨📸

I feel blessed that I got to spend quality time with my friends across the coast this weekend. It's been 7 years since we've last seen each other in person and we have kept in touch through cards, gifts and phone calls throughout the years. It's incredible that I feel completely vulnerable and be myself around them. Dear future me, you are very fortunate to have friends regardless of the physical distance to support you. Remember this moment in time when you broke your 2 year sober streak, the first time you tried kayaking and liked it, drank spring water from the source, ate wagyu beef, had the best homemade ribs, surrendered to whatever was coming next. You did it all with the help of your friends.