Landscape in the Mist (1988) directed by Theo Angelopoulos #film #filmbuff #cinema #landscapeinthemist #theoangelopoulos #cinematings

Let The Sunshine In (2017) directed by Claire Denis. #film #cinema #filmbuff #clairedenis #cinematings #letthesunshinein

La haine (1985) directed by Mathieu Kassovitz. Cinematography by Pierre Aïm. #lahaine #film #cinema #filmbuff #cinematings #mathieukassovitz

Top 10 Greatest Male Performances of All Time. Obviously I haven't see every movie ever so there will be some performances missing. Feel free to comment suggestions for updates to the list of ask why a certain performance didn't make the cut. Honorable Mentions: James Stewart in Its a Wonderful Life Jim Carey in The Truman Show Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting J.K. Simmons in Whiplash Cristoph Waltz in Inglorious Basterds 10. Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird 9. Guy Pearce in Memento 8. Denzel Washington in Training Day 7. Christian Bale in American Psycho 6. Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight 5. Jake Gyllenhall in Nightcrawler 4. Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs 3. Jack Nicholson in The Shining 2. Marlon Brando in The Godfather 1. Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood

Part 87. The inevitable failure of a Sicario sequel . So, a couple of days ago I watched the newest Sicario flick, and while I go into every movie with a negativity bias, I'll admit it if it's good. I just don't think anything could do Sicario justice. It's a masterpiece and this shit's lackluster. . Spoilers . Sicario did this interesting thing where it had everything fantastic. The action was awesome, the cinematography was outstanding but the heart. It's in that twist. That what they're doing is actually immoral and that hit me. You can't make a sequel for such a unique thing. In Sold Auto it portrays the main characters as the good guys. Sure that's subjective but I didn't find that in the presentation because we don't have that perspective character to call Thanos out on his bullshit. Here, when he's told that the bombers weren't smuggled in, he says that doesn't change anything. It's like you started at the wrong starting line and you say that doesn't change anything. This is the dude we're rooting for? . What could've saved Soldado is Alejandro. If there's a film worth making, it's his story.... And they shoot him in the head.... And he comes back from the dead to later recruit the person who shot him. There is so much wrong with that. First: shooting a character in the head always means they're not coming back. They're dead. Second: Even then you could've had the character change. Maybe the old Alejandro is dead. He will now live as a free man from now on or he's deaf from the gunshot. C'mon. Just do something more than expectation subverting. Point is that they did nothing with his character. There is no satisfying arc. We learn tid bits about him but I don't leave the cinema having seen some change in these characters or their motivations. . And then there's this movie trying to copy the first one desperately. Oh the audiences liked the convoy scene. Let's add one here. Oh they liked the night vision thing, let's add that too. It's so lazy. And to my suprise, it's the same writer. . In conclusion: Sicario: "oh it's an anthology film" Soldado doesn't justify it's existance. Sure, it's somewhat fun but that isn't what Sicario stood for.

15/07 Blu-Ray Watches Part 2: Been ages since I've seen this: • - Men In Black II borrows elements that made its predecessor astronomically fun, yet somehow made a boring sequel. This can be best described as the weakest instalment of the franchise, no question. Same director, same actors, same aesthetic appeal. But something went wrong. Was it the ridiculously short 88 minute runtime? The underlying sense of familiarity? Over-reliance of noticeable computer generated effects? Unsurprisingly, it's actually all of the above. However what really hit the nail in this chapter's coffin was the identical plot. Agent Jay must restore Kay's memory in order to stop an antagonistic alien from retrieving an object that can decimate planets. Just to confirm, I am describing the plot to the sequel, not the original. Ironically, they are exactly the same. Therefore automatically your mind starts to wander off thinking about how refreshing the first film was and how much of a "cash grab" this follow-up is. It doesn't further an existing plot, nor does it develop any of the memorable characters. It just exists as if it took the phrase "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and forcefully applied it to every nook and cranny. The aliens, the love interest, the underwhelming conclusion. A villainous alien so functionally generic that the lingerie model it replicated would've had more personality. The uninspired lack of imagination, especially for a franchise that relishes in its own creativity, acts as a fitting juxtaposition for this instalment. Despite these criticisms, Smith and Jones give decent performances that feel consistent with the personalities defined in the original. The prosthetics and makeup, minimally used as they were due to substitution of mediocre visual effects, were well designed. The script contained a few amusing scenes amidst the lacklustre dialogue. Michael Jackson's twenty second cameo was perfection. Honestly increased the rating by a point for his "thrilling" scene. Seriously though, there is no justification for this "cash grab" and after witnessing this, I for one would not join MIB. I wish I could neuralise myself... • MIB II = 4/10

BOX OFFICE: Hotel Transylvania 3 lands in the 1 spot at the box office this weekend with 44 million! The Rock’s Skyscraper underperformed well below expectations with 25 million. Stay tuned for more news from Box Office Bookie! #boxoffice #boxofficebookie #adamsandler #andysamberg #hoteltransylvania3 #hoteltransylvania2 #hoteltransylvania #animation #movie #movies #movieart #movienews #moviebuff #film #filmfan #filmbuff #filmnews #filmaddict #moviereviews #movienews #animatedmovie #stevebuscemi #money #sneakpeak #sneakpeek #trailer

​SUNRISE is now on #netflix."A visually, thematically and emotionally gripping quasi-thriller." @hollywoodreporter While investigating a child kidnapping, a police inspector is haunted by a shadowy dream figure and memories of his own abducted daughter. By filmmaker Partho Sen Gupta, ​featuring​ Adil Hussain, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Gulnaaz Ansari​.​ The​ @busanfilmfest nominee, #sunrise was shot over thirty-six nights and only two days shooting days during the #monsoon season in Mumbai. "A gripping psychological drama set in the seediest quarters of #Mumbai, the pic cleverly weaves fantasy and reality so that neither can be taken at face value. The result is an intense, very well-performed tale."​ @variety #filmtribe​ Find here -

One of the best Netflix Original films I've seen. 7/10 #TAU

I’m all tied up at the moment: bound, gagged, blindfolded, and otherwise incapacitated, at the movies. 20 films: 5.The Man Who Lies • 1968 Alain Robbe-Grillet Novelist, literary theorist, filmmaker, Robbe-Grillet explores, as in his fiction, the nature of stories, memory and truth. 6/6 . . . . . #‪themanwholies #alainrobbegrillet #bound #gagged #blindfolded #csbound #1968movie #1960smovies #chalecosfavorites #movie #movies #film #films #filmstill #filmstills #cinema #cinephile #filmbuff #moviebuff #cinemaholic #cinemagasm #movingpictures #24fps #chalecossalvavidasmoviepicks #chalecossalvavidasmovies

I’m all tied up at the moment: bound, gagged, blindfolded, and otherwise incapacitated, at the movies. 20 films: 5.The Man Who Lies • 1968 Alain Robbe-Grillet Novelist, literary theorist, filmmaker, Robbe-Grillet explores, as in his fiction, the nature of stories, memory and truth. 5/6 . . . . . #‪themanwholies #alainrobbegrillet #bound #gagged #blindfolded #csbound #1968movie #1960smovies #chalecosfavorites #movie #movies #film #films #filmstill #filmstills #cinema #cinephile #filmbuff #moviebuff #cinemaholic #cinemagasm #movingpictures #24fps #chalecossalvavidasmoviepicks #chalecossalvavidasmovies