We learned from our visit to the @johnmuirnps that the devastating decision to flood the Hetch hetchy valley to create this reservoir may have saved the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone from similar fates, the public outcry was so great. Did you know the water from the run off in the High Sierra that forms this reservoir is so pure that in 90+ years only 2 inches of sediment has collected at the bottom. Exploring the back country here definitely on my list for when the littles are bigger.

Vernal falls from the Mist Trail. This is one of the most popular hikes in Yosemite valley. Know before you go 1) the hike starts out gently walking on flat ground by the Merced river for a few hundred feet it then gains elevation and becomes steep real fast and doesn’t quit until you get to the top of Nevada falls. 2) the portion to the vernal falls bridge is paved so in theory you can push a stroller up it ( seen that) after that it’s either dirt or granite steps. 3) granite when is dry and dusty is slippery, when it’s wet it’s even more slippery. Wear sturdy shoes. 4) the water fountain and restroom at the vernal falls bridge is out of commission due to flood damage Plan accordingly if you’re planning on going on the way up to Nevada falls you want to have a ton of water with you 5) in the spring at peak snow melt the “mist” can be more like torrential rain. You will get wet, like I fell in a swimming pool with my clothes and shoes on wet, I drove through a car wash with the windows open wet. This year we came prepared with ponchos and a change of shoes. There were far fewer tears. 6) you will see kids crying on this hike because they are wet /cold /tired ( full disclosure in 2017 some of those kids were mine).

Don’t be fooled by this picture . The Babe hiked approximately 0.01% of this hike . Having successfully raised three robust hikers we’re at a loss as how to get the Babe to go more than 10ft without collapsing into a pile of whining mush. 😔 sigh

When the tall one hugs a tree because it's in your classic skull rock picture. He's the best

We couldn't have started our hike without our coffee

A whole year ago today! 24 came too quickly... waking up my boys for a sunrise hike this morn to start my quarter century ☀️this time carrying a boy not a baby 😅 & perhaps a few salutations to the sun for #internationalyogaday 🤸🏽‍♀️more from last years birthday hike on the blog ✨ photos by @ambermozo #linkinbio