Ones Sweet Ones....this was actually taken yesterday but an uptick in 111's this week. We are in the 717 portal heading straight into our next Eclipse (lunar)....so the energies are revvvving up! Stay hydrated💧 H20 Stay Grounded🌳🌲🌴 Stay In the vibration of L❤VE Stay Peaceful🕊 #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #twinflames #catalyst #heartawakening #ascension #healer #twinsouls #spiritualawakening #shifthittingfan #earthenergyhealing #healing #lovewins #belove #inspire #transmutethenegative #evolve #grounding #earthing #111 #1111 #hugatree #walkbarefoot #connectwiththesun

Pure potential is what you are💎 Excitement guides you home🦄 You came to live your dreams not dream your life🧘‍♀️ When you forget that you are love, energy, information, compassion, pure potential and your purpose here in physical reality is to manifest from the metaphysical into the physical.... ..... when you forget that, you feel MISERABLE, anxious, stressed, unworthy, depressed, trapped, nervous, angry and confused Spirit can only guide you through the language of images, intuition, thought and emotion🦄 Silencing your mind and listen, using your third eye to see, feeling/perceving the reality from an internal point of reference✨ This is the beginning of powerful conscious manifestations✨ Meditation means to “know thy self” Listen and get to know the patterns of your mind, penetrate the deeper layers and discover the unified field of pure potential✨ Ground into manifestation your dreams, break through the glass ceiling NOW 💕 #switzerland #spiritualgangster #spiritualentrepreneur #higherconsciousness #womaninbusiness #lifecoach #femaleentrepreneur #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #selflove #transformation #breakthrough #consciousness #businesspassion #moneycoach #abundance #thelawofattraction #manifestation #lifecoaching

The Wisdom of the Lotus Flower 🌸 For centuries, the lotus flower has had deep spiritual meaning as a symbol of rebirth. The flower grows in a muddy, murky water and blooms so beautiful. 🌸 We are planted in this world to reveal our true nature. We must go through our own murky water of darkness before we can rise up into the Light. There is peacefulness on the other side of of fighting, resisting or hiding. 🌸 The lotus shows us what it is like to just be. To allow the elements that we cannot control to bloom into the acceptance of Truth. We can feel the seed of the Divine is within at all times, simply waiting for us to embrace it. 🌸 Rise above, reveal your beauty. The world is in need and in awe of your magic.

Have no fear the lights won't all go. Have no fear that time won't follow. I have feared at times the unknown. Have no fear our lights will all glow. ♥️ #cuthecord #wildsisters #citywitch #alessisark #loveisthecurrency #divinefeminine #divinemasculine ✂️ https://youtu.be/95lQPXGtJ-o

On this journey, you will meet the deepest parts of yourself. The dark, the messy, and the dysfunctional. . You’ll heal trauma from this lifetime, and the last. . You’ll explore the depths and feel the weight crushing your lungs as you kick ferociously back up to the surface. . You will face ALL the icky, gooey, awkward aspects of your past you thought you had already dealt with. . You will also meet the woman who was inside all along. . Keep going. . Infinite love, Cheryl xx . . . #spiritualgangster #twinflames #divinefeminine #twinflame #divinemasculine #twinflameseparation #spirituality #surrender #peace #ascension #healing #hearthealing #karma #pastlives #soul

✨💎✨It’s been a weird week of magickal realization. Right now, my brain is kind of exploding, and in a good way. Everything is clearing and coming into focus. Looking forward to sharing more in detail... #cultofhope #hopediamond 📸 @__sarah_gold__ ✨🔥🔮❤️🌙

Daily Romance Angel Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue: . . The romance angels see that your love life blossoms as you spend time alone with your partner or by yourself. It appears that you have become confused or conflicted by other people’s advice. Its time for you to disconnect so that you can better hear your own feelings and opinions. If you are in a partnership, spending time together apart from others will renew your commitment and take it to the next level. This could mean taking a vacation, going on a nature hike, enjoying a long drive, or turning off the phones and computer as both enjoying a quiet afternoon at home. The painting on this card also indicates a honeymoon, which could be the literal message. So, there may be a deepening of commitment ( new serious relationship if your single). . . This card may indicate an upcoming engagement, wedding or renewal of vows. These activities are more meaningful as you spend more time with your partner. If you are presently single, this card guides you to spend time by yourself, meditating upon your true feelings and thoughts. Be sure to take action based on any intuitive guidance. This strengthens your energy, which helps you rapidly attract and manifest your loving partner. . . By @leesaiholistichealing for Twinflame Readings, Healings & Coaching go on www. leeSaiholistichealing.com . . #angels #love #twinflames #angelstherapy #leesaiholistichealing #twinflamesguide #believe #thelawofattraction #jesus #christ #christconsciousness #belove #spiritual #spiritualawakening #divinetime #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #universe #ascension #reikihealer #healyourchakrashealyourlife #twinflameslove #twinflamesunion #twinflameseparation #twinflamesupport #truelove

😱😱😱😂😂😂 WTF how did I not know this?!

Estoy tan feliz de tener que pasar 1 mes de mi vida contigo, gracias para todo🙏🏼💝 Hasta luego!🌟❤ Ahora me voy a Suecia otra vez🇸🇪 Y gracias Perú, regresaré un día🇵🇪 #peru #perú #agradable #hsp #vida #somosuno #oneness #tacksam #lifeofagodddess #divinemasculine #divinefeminine #amor #kärlek #españa #mylife #spanish

Men hold a lot of pain in the form of shame, anger, and numbness.  Some men know this. But most men are at a loss of awareness around this and live their life from a place of disconnection and trauma. _ We all want the Men in our lives to thrive… and most of all, to become aware of the places that they are acting out and inflicting pain ultimately on themselves (although the pain permeates to those he is in relationship with – partners, children, parents, friends). _ Our Men’s Leadership Training Program is a 5 MONTH IN-PERSON experience for Men that will provide tools, community, and a safe space to be real and vulnerable.  It is an intimate container with 10-12 Men so there is no hiding.  There is no checking out.  There is space to be, feel, and re-engage who we are at our Core, at our Essence. _ I know that this can be scary and seem like a real edge for Men.  And so I am asking you – women, friends, Lovers of Men – to reach out and lovingly invite a Man you know that is struggling in some way, that there are supportive places that CAN hold all of HIM.  With no judgement and with respect.  A place that he can journey into his depths and through emotional and embodiment process work, find appreciation and value of himself.  And his life changes. _ Click the Link in my profile to read more. _ We begin our 5 month Journey on Sunday July 22 in Ojai California.  Applications are necessary for enrollment. _ We honor each man for the courage it takes to acknowledge that he wants more of himself and for his life.  And we acknowledge those that love him for your patience as he arrives to that place. _ We walk together. _ #mensleadership #menswork #sacredmasculine #divinemasculine #onelove #sacredunion #marriage #love

repost @the.gentleman.wolf ・・・ "How many of us have walked away from someone we love because we just couldn't make it work? We can't help wondering if we had just said what we really felt instead of being afraid, maybe things would have been different. Our life can change in a moment, just one small moment on an otherwise ordinary day and suddenly nothing is the same. How did this happen? How can we miss someone so much and yet not be with them? How can we feel so much love but feel so helpless at the same time? What could we have done differently? The truth is, we can't make anyone love us and we can't love someone the way they deserve if we don't know how to love ourselves. How many times do people lash out at the ones they say they love or punish them because of their own pain? We all want so desperately to love and be loved that we get triggered by our fears and insecurities and either run away or push someone else away who is only trying to love us. There are very few greater tragedies and regrets than hurting someone who loves us. So much heartache could be avoided by just speaking from our heart and not from the pain of our past. Always strive to focus on what you want to happen, what you want to experience, not what you're afraid of, and make your intention to give love without expectations. Don't let life scare the love out of you. Say what you mean and mean what you say. If you love them, tell them" ~ Joel Clemons __________________________________ #spiritualcouples #loverelationshit #relationship #couplecoaching #couples #divinemasculine #divinefeminine #gratitude #twinflame #twinflamelove #soulconnection #couplegoals #relationshipgoals #spirituality #love #lovecouples #soullove #soulmates #sacredunion  #transformation #passion #vulnerability #newbeginning #healing #chooselove #higherconsciousness #selfawareness #vibratehigher #awakening #manifest

We all carry within ourselves part of the unhealed masculine. - This part within ourselves that continuously tries to remind us that we are not worthy of whatever it is that we desire. - This pattern keeps us in a cycle of continuously aiming lower than our full maximum potential — viciously and repeatedly cutting us off at the knees before we can fully manifest (which is our happiness, joy, delight, alignment, health and bliss). - This wound that we carry within our masculine selves, is the result of ages of repression. - Repressing and denying the part within the masculine that has a need to understand, interpret, and manage the full spectrum of their own emotions. - They have not been allowed to include this part of their navigation system up until now. - Activating this part of the emotional body within the masculine energy will enable the divine masculine to fully harmonize, balance and integrate. - So what this looks like in humanity is not just twin flame unions after long periods of separation, which is spectacular in and of itself, but also deep core multi generational wounds that we have inherited and carried in our DNA for millennia. - We are now able to FINALLY heal and be released from this karmic debt!!

I used to be afraid of my anger. You’re not ‘supposed’ to be angry, Sam. Be careful ... you’re out of control: don’t let others see that. . So I tried to repress and hide it, even from myself. But what we resist, persists. And my anger showed up in other ways, as emotion always does. Through numbing my emotional experience with alcohol, through the occasional violent blow-up where rage would totally take over, (and I’d scare the 💩 out of myself). . I’ve shifted my relationship to anger over the last two years and it’s been really powerful work. The shift has been around acceptance. It’s always simpler than it seems to articulate and damn hard to implement! . I accept that anger is a part of ME and that, just like other difficult emotions that I’ve struggled with, I need to OWN it so that it doesn’t hijack my existence. So - when I notice anger creeping up, like it did this morning, I don’t judge it ... I sit with it - often in meditation - and when I’m ready - I send it off into the ether with an emotional release exercise like this. And my God - I feel SO much lighter afterwards! I feel different in my body ... i feel a calmness in my mind ... I’m ready to move on. . What about you - what’s your relationship like to anger or other difficult emotions you don’t want to feel? And how do you ‘release’ them? 🤔❤️🙏🏼 . . . . . #growth #selfull #selfullman #angermanagement #feelallemotions #coaching #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #anger #emotion #divinemasculine #divinefeminine #masculine #healthymasculinity

No more playing small, Beautiful Souls! 💖 Now is the time to step forward with confidence and own your Divine wisdom and power. Indeed, you are the High Priestess and Priest... You are the Sage... And you have the resources and higher knowledge to help you navigate any situation. It’s normal to forget who we really are... And to lose track of our true Divinity. But today is a reawakening and a reminder that you possess ALL of the Universal wisdom and courage deep inside of you. Now and forever... Love and blessings to you always.... Carrie xo 💖 #strength #confidence #wisdom #divinity . . 🌟DM for private readings and intuitive guidance or visit my website for more info. Link in bio... . . 🌟Today’s card is from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards 😇