First impressions. 🙌 Do you remember when folks used to say receptionists where the first point of contact, and therefore one of your most important hires? Well, no shade from us on receptionists, their place is still oh-so-important but these days? Your social media is a kind of 'receptionist'... geddit? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Here it is; it's the first place people go to see who you are, and what you’re about. It's your HANDSHAKE. 🤝 Share you, and what you're passionate about. That's where your expertise is anyway! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Let's kick this off, share something about you in the comments and you know what? We think that in no time, you'll realise that actually *is* content, itself.

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WHEN DO YOU KNOW THE BAR IS SET TOO LOW? • It’s when there’s no challenge. This is most obvious. • It’s when you believe setting the bar high means it has to be reached. It doesn’t. It just gives meaning in going the extra mile. • It’s when you strive so hard for perfection not realizing perfection is overrated. Perfection weighs us down. Completion gives meaning to purpose. • It’s when there’s a lack of confidence build up in your life. We can lose on lack of self-esteem before we ever try. • It’s when you get way ahead of yourself so you pull back way too much. The vision may be great, but you may need to realize there’s a few more steps to getting there. • And sometimes it’s when the path you’re on isn’t the one that resonates most with your heart. There’s potential, but more than this should be passion. • Have you checked your heart? Your mind? Are they in agreement with the path you’re heading on? . . . . . #mindsetiseverything #heartcheck #abovetheclouds #mindset #entrepreneurmindset #creativepreneur #creativehappylife #mountaintop #wanderingphotographers #entrepreneurlife #settingthebar #passionpassport #passionplanner #perfectionist #selfesteemboost #purposedriven #purposefulliving #selfesteem

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#Loneliness "Bakso is not here.." "Bakpao can't accompany me today.." . When you miss your other half so bad, but all you can do is to eat alone.. . #happybaksobakpao #missyou #eatalone

A LITTLE ABOUT JESSICA BRATICH...... This is me and my little miss, the inspiration for my kids line. I have had my women’s range @jessicabratich for 5 or so years and the kids range I launched last August. My reason for the kids range was my little girl. She would sit there drawing bags by my side and well I was drawing my women’s range and one day I thought to myself why not designs some for kids? There aren’t a lot of nice bags for little girls from what I had seen and the ones I always saw were tacky or super expensive. So that’s where the idea came from. I sketch every design I pick every fabric with input from my little one she tells me what she likes and what she doesn’t (you know how honest little kids are). I’m a small business based in Perth and I just want to thank everyone who has bought my bags and supported me this far it’s always hard being a small fish in a big pond but Im passionate and I truly appreciate it. xoxo

There's nothing more beautiful than seeing those around you come out the other side of adversity stronger than ever before. Sometimes when life throws me curve balls I try and tell myself to let the wave wash over me, to just let it happen because most of the time it's inevitable, the only control we will ever really have is how we rise from the ashes. .

Every day is avocado day when the sun is shining and these delicious fruits are ready to eat! I like mine mashed with chipotle, how about you? . This tasty green avocado pattern is available on phone cases, notebooks, stickers and more in my @redbubble @society6 @teepublic and @contradouk shops through the link in my bio! AND it’s also available in pink! . Go to or use the link in my bio . . . #avocado #avocados #avocadopattern #foodpattern #foodie #instafood #foodstagram #green #kawaii #illustration #art #design #pattern #illustrator #artist #designer #instart #instagood #evannaveillustration #evannave #redbubble #redbubblecreate #patterndesign #patterndesigner #creativepreneur #girlboss #foodlover #avocadolover #foodies

Meet Sarah Nabwire, one of the leading ladies at Jacaranda Creations 🌸⠀ She is Ugandan who came to Kenya as a refugee fleeing the civil war in Uganda with baby girl. She met Brenda Kean (founder of Jacaranda) and together, they started a sewing center called “Jua Kali” with one machine and one lady at a slum in Marurui. From that, they got 80 ladies and opened several branches across Nairobi. ⠀ Unfortunately due to poor sales of products, they didn’t have enough funds to sustain all the branches, so they closed all the branches leaving the mother branch. The number of the ladies also reduced drastically from 80 to 30 ladies.⠀ ⠀ With your help, we hope to help these ladies flourish and grow ♥️ #conkreteroses #handpainted #perfectlyimperfect

Buenos días! 🌟 AGRADECIDA al universo por todo lo que me da. AGRADECIDA a mis padres y hermana por todo lo que me ayudan. 👪 AGRADECIDA a la gente que me rodea por CREER en mi.👩 Una actitud de agradecimiento 🌟tiene el poder de convertir las dificultades en oportunidades, los problemas en soluciones, las pérdidas en ganancias, y además expande nuestra visión 👀y nos permite descubrir todo aquello que era invisible debido a nuestra actitud limitante.