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Here’s a test shot edit for ya! Swipe left for the after✨

Being a mother makes you know all details about those Disney princesses, unicorns, all the magical things and even dinasour facts! 😄 . Thank you @ceritagie @ceritanafisa for the beautiful morning! 💞 ————— #canafotografia holiday session . . . . . . . #familyphotoshoot #childrenphotographer #bintarophotographer #fotograferbintaro #bintarofamilyphotographer #familyphotographer #capturinglife #familyphotography #motherhoodthroughinstagram #shared_joy

His sweet innocent blue eyes are the only reason I’m not currently pulling out my hair. We are potty training over here, so give me all the tips, advice and luck!! Because I definitely need it!

Find your tribe. I am surrounded by the most amazing creative people. Working on creative projects with cool designers is a true joy and priviledge.

Coming down the mountain.. #hwy77 At this point, I was wishing I had brought my #camera, because the #photographer in me was going nuts! But, I was mentally tired from the funeral of a 19 year old young parent should ever have to say goodbye to their child....I was tired and reflecting and this one shot was all I took. As I looked around as I came down the mountain, all I could think was, never again will I take a day for granted. We aren’t promised tomorrow. Be thankful for each GIFT, if it comes in the form of a view like this, or in the form of someone you love, CHERISH them. And every day, BE KIND and spread LOVE. #spreadlove #bekind #grateful #blessings #klrphotography #capturingmoments #capturinglife #oneshotatatime #ignc #igyadkin #livethroughglass #otiseyewear #lifethroughmylens #virginiaintonc

Gaia is a truly fabulous creation by designer @miss_krissy_tee. Krissy creates the most amazing headpieces, floral crowns and tribal headwear. I felt so much creative energy on this shoot was a fabulous day. I really enjoy these creative projects ❤❤❤

I am woman hear me roar. How fabulous is this costume designed and modelled by @miss_krissy_tee #whatsyourbeautiful #whatisyoursuperpower

Oh my gosh... LOOK at her BUTT!

The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul sits in the middle of the Peter and Paul fortress and is the oldest church in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

So many beautiful feelings, so many emotions, so much time and energy, all of my purest form of love, the sincerity and loyalty, everything gone to waste just because of one wrong person. Life’s cruel. It really is a bitch. #photography #Kashmir #captivatingkashmir #capturinglife #kashphotoclub #kashphotography