It wasn't until I started doing using plants in my product photography that I is a MIRACLE that these guys are alive. 🍃 • My friend saw a picture I had taken and asked me what type of plant this is, and how I care for it. Except..... *cue the blank stare*....... "I'm not actually sure" 😶 • • I apparently don't know like anything about my plants?? All I do is water them when they're starting to droop???? • My poor babies 😭 • • Does anyone have helpful (and *easy*) tips for helping our green friends stay happy? 🌿💕 • How often do I need to repot? Are coffee grounds *actually* good for fertilizing succulents? Also I don't remember the name of this potted plant that my friend gave me, and now I feel like it's too late to ask. • • • Send help.

Sketch de estudo botânico em acrílica. #sketchbook #acrilicpainting

marble queen pothos 🌿☁️🌿

getting lost in my little urban jungle. 🍃

{New Plant Feels}