We may not have much, but your love has been more than enough for me, I'm with you always and love you for eternity ❤ #Happy #4th #Year #Anniversary 💕

All the 😍 for this cute couple right here. I know I say it all the time, but I LOVE getting to look at your wedding photos while making your dolls. I’m pretty much a sucker for anything with even a hint of romance, so weddings are enough to make my sentimental heart burst ❤️ . . . . . . . #worrydolls #houseofworrydolls #handmade #handmadedoll #handmadegift #romance #weddingportrait #weddingdress #weddingphotography #anniversary #anniversarygift #giftideas #weddingornament #treeornament #christmasornament #wedding #maker #modernmaker #customgift #custommade #dmcthreads #lace #buyhandmade #shopsmall #etsy #etsyshop #etsyseller

Celebrating 2 years together today! 8.16.2016 was the beginning of our adventure and in 2 weeks we'll be starting a whole new adventure together as husband and wife! 🎉❤️ #woodywoodside #realsteele #anniversary #firstphoto #brideandgroom

4 years ago today we had a big love party in the woods! #anniversary

與認識10年的姐妹一起拍的紀念合照 感謝妳這10年來一直都還在 接下來我也要繼續的煩妳吵妳還會繼續的關心和愛妳啦😘 如果你有小孩了我可是你小孩的乾媽(我先預訂好了!!)😂👭💕 #anniversary #ourfriendship #20180811 #bestshot

Thank you babe for my Anniversary gift!!! Loving it!! 😍😍😍 #anniversary #hernandezfamily02 #jamesavery #amotherslove #his #hers #mylove @edhernandez83

#Jewelry... saving the goodies for last. ✔️very last box unpacked & organize! Throwback to our first #anniversary... spent in Australia🐊 and Fiji🌊 Special pieces of jewelry💍 are some of my favorite #souvenirs and mementos to collect on our travels. Wearing this beauty right now and missing my sweet husband who gifted me this #goldpearl on that trip. So excited to see him for a mini #getaway in a few weeks!! #southseapearl #fiji #australia #baubles #neckcandy

Four years ago today I took a leap of faith. I was up to my ears in three babies as a full time momma, a full time successful career, and a full time wife. At the time, a mom of three to a 5 year old, three year old, and 6 week old newborn, I wasn’t sure how I would manage a new business. But, I decided to join Rodan + Fields on this day four years ago. I dove in head first, as I do with everything I set my mind to. Things have looked at lot different for us over the past four years. We’ve been able to live more and give more. I’ve been able to pour my heart and passion into my team and help them grow their own businesses. We’ve been able to plan a better future for ourselves and our girls. And all because I’ve been committed to my goal of growing my Rodan + Fields business into a BUSINESS, and not a hobby. Through hard work, super early mornings, late nights, a lot of judgement, working while my kids slept and before they got up, juggling a full time career at the same time... I’ve chosen that my dreams are worth chasing and worth working for. One of the most common things I hear from friends and people I know when discussing the business opportunity of Rodan + Fields, is that they’re “too busy”. That’s probably the #1 thing I hear....but ANYTHING is something you actually want, you will FIND the time. Everyone has the time. It’s solely how you choose to spend it. If you want to know what it looks like for me and how I’ve done it, message me and we can chat. I am looking for other business minded, driven, motivated, BUSY, women just like me. Today is my FOUR YEAR RODANNIVERSARY! And I couldn’t be more thankful for these doctors, my amazing team of passionate, driven and giving women, and God for bringing this opportunity into my life at the exact time I didn’t THINK I needed it 🙌🏼 I’ve found a tribe of women that support me, encourage me, motivate me... and whom I look up to each and every day. We are all just trying to become better versions of ourselves. The most loving and supportive people you will ever meet... are in the R+F tribe. #workforyourself #rodanandfields #teamjuv #anniversary #thankful #rfjourney #rftribe

Whatever our goals may be, Where ever we may travel, May we remember that life is really very simple: To love and to be loved. I’ve known pure joy in my lifetime. The wildest part is that this day was just the beginning. Happy 4th, my love. • #Anniversary #TeamHuff #Joy #Love #Play #Marriage @merlinhuff

Happy 4 years 🍻 @chubbyc63 ♥️

Пол года в браке с любимым мужем @vyacheslav_chuikin ♥️💍 Многие спрашивают: «Ну как семейная жизнь?» Ребят.. Мы вместе уже почти 5 лет💞Живём вместе 3 года☺️И после свадьбы наша семейная жизнь стала ещё лучше💓💓💓 Многие утверждают что «свадьба(штамп)-это просто формальность, и это ни к чему. Можно же и без этого обойтись»🤷🏼‍♀️Напротив, мы очень хотели эту «формальность»👌🏼 И я безумно рада что у нас одна фамилия☺️☺️☺️Обожаю называть его «муж»🐰💜 И вообще безумно люблю♥️ «Почему свадьба зимой?» - А почему нет?😁😘 Ну и ссоримся мы иногда тоже, куда уж без этого🤷🏼‍♀️ «Муж и жена не могут не ссориться, если любят, а люблю я тебя до сумасшествия»🧡😄 Поздравляю нас💍💋 • #WeddingChuykiniVV #wedding #anniversary #mylove #myhusband #family

Three years today, I vowed to always claim my farts...I’m still working on it. But more importantly, three years ago today you became my wife and changed my life. I love you more than you know. Cheers to three years and to many, many more!

3 year anniversary?! When did that happen? 😄 @seanrohani we have 57 more to go 💃🏻❤️🕺🏻love you man #arshigolz #august16 #anniversary