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MY BABIES DID IT MY HUSBAND LOOKS SO GOOD AAAAAHHHHHHH #Repost @jungkookie.bangtan ・・・ BTS WON TOP SOCIAL ARTIST AGAIN YES IM SO SUPER HAPPY FOR THEM 😭😭😭😭😭 Armys we did that again, I'm so proud of our powerful family! ❤

#Repost @electronautsvr ・・・ We’re gearing up for @edc_lasvegas Day 3. Find us at the @RynobusArtCar in Carnival Square. Special appearance by @12thplanet at 9pm!

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#Repost @sarahxxsurfer (@get_repost) ・・・ My coming out story was very traumatic. Being outed by an evil cousin, one whole side of my family turned against me for just being who I was. I already knew they didn’t love me for me but who they wanted me to be. I was just exhausted of living a life that was pleasing to them and making myself so unhappy for people who didn’t even really know me eg. I hate cheescake and I got cheescake for my bday cake for many years. Anywhos ended up running away from home because there was too much tension. Where I ran too I was almost assaulted by one of my family members as he came late in the night and pounded on my door shouting loudly and threatening me. My evil aunts made up so many lies eg. My piercings were lesbian piercings so i had to remove them. I was forced to go to some christian counseling to ungay me for a couple weeks ... another traumatic experience as I was on lock down at home (far away from people) until they got the ‘lesbian demons’ out. Never got to see friends or my gf that whole christmas was a very rough period. Could barely focus on school as every night i’d have trouble sleeping rememberig the trauma and the fear of being assaulted as I’ve always been the way I am. People can be so unloving of themselves that they would go to extreme measures to make other unhappy. I was indulging in so many self loving activities after having a traumatic summer of taking care of a family member who was in a car accident (sacrificing all my social free time and sleep) in addition to greiving my grandfather’s passing. Then having to be in fear of being myself and being caused harm. It took me along time to forgive certain family members as they don’t know the trauma they caused me. They often try to create drama because they are married and unhappy and jealous of anyone who is happy. Just have to love yourself and do you. Just funny how the same ones that outed me have offsprings that are queer so it was just another way of my family making me a punching bag for all their problems. There are reasons why I keep people like thaf at a distance so that I can live a peaceful and hollistic lifestyle. I hope one day they will find

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#Repost @thebalancedchefllc (@get_repost) ・・・ The warm weather is (hopefully) here to stay, so that means it’s BBQ SEASON!! ☀️👨🏼‍🍳 We are SUPER excited to offer our NEW dish- Spice rubbed Chicken Breast topped w/ Housemade BBQ Sauce served w/ a side of Whole Wheat Mac & Cheese! Summer never tasted better!! Order by Tuesday at noon!! #bbq #summer #bbqchicken #macandcheese #nutrition #healthy #healthyfood #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #mealplan #mealprep #local #eatlocal #shoplocal #wedeliver

#Repost @sportpitvl with @instatoolsapp ・・・ Среди предтренировочных комплексов, представленных на современном рынке, популярность и множество положительных отзывов заслужили лишь некоторые продукты. К ним относится NO Xplode, выпускаемый компанией BSN. NO Xplode позволяет на короткий временной промежуток получить заряд энергии и прилив сил, что помогает улучшить качество фокусировки внимания, производительности, интенсивности тренинга, а, следовательно, и накачивания мускулатуры. Эффект ощущается практически моментально после приема — спустя пару минут. Продукт имеет уникальный состав, что обуславливает характерную оригинальную схему действия предтренировочного комплекса. Продвинутые и эффективные ингредиенты сделали добавку одной из лучших среди аналогов. Производитель включил в состав комплекса креатиновую матрицу, азот, прочие ферменты, способствующие стимуляции функции головного мозга и повышающие общий уровень выносливости.Комплексная добавка представляет собой мощнейший магнит для белков, воды, креатина, протеина и прочих ферментов, которые требуются для наращивания мышечной массы. Она не только обогащает организм требуемыми элементами, но и улучшает степень поглощения данных ингредиентов клетками. Благодаря этому комплексу повышается степень выносливости и уменьшается количество вырабатываемой молочной кислоты, а, значит, мышечный отказ наступает гораздо позже и дает возможность выполнить на 2-4 подхода больше, нежели обычно. Весь спектр предлагаемых BSN добавок относится к категории класса премиума, а описываемый предтренировочный комплекс не имеет подобных себе среди аналогичной продукции от других производителей. Компания строго контролирует эффективность и качество выпускаемого спортивного питания, внедряет инновационные разработки, отслеживает наличие плагиаторов. #SportPitVL #качалка #фитнесс #vladivostok_city #bodibilding #диета #спортпитание #предтренник #BSN

Big shout out to all all #Asbury athletes who competed this weekend! Best of luck to to all #APG athletes competing over the coming weeks! Huge ups to @quany_quan for earning his spot in Madison!! #APGames #Repost @quany_quan with @get_repost ・・・ Wow!! I can go on and on about this weekend, needless to say it was a great one. Very hard fought battle and yet again I’ve learned a lot (like running through the finishing line) I want to thank all of my friends and family for the encouraging words, thoughts and prayers!! Sponsors, volunteers and judges thank you all for everything!! My @crossfitroseland crew love you guy!! @caseycresbaugh you were a rockstar this weekend thank you for being by my side meant a lot! See you guys in Madison! #roadtothegames @kettlebellkitchen @lurongliving @crossfitgames

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Bismillah, Alhamdulillah ada kabar gembira Sahabat Cinta ❤️. . @geraicinta OPEN PO terbaru dengan Bahan Linen (ternyaman dan ter-adem dikelasnya) ☺️ tgl. 17 - 19 Mei 2018 . . Bahan Linen ini perawatannya cukup unik dan berbeda. Kain Linen bisa tetap awet dan cantik yaitu dengan teknik pencucian yang terpisah dari pakaian harian, selain itu juga disarankan hanya direndam dan dikucek2 dengan perasaan cinta ❤️ Insya Allah tingkat adem, nyaman dan serat kainnya nya itu yang membuat Kain Linen ini menjadi Exclusive ☺️ serta dicari banyak pecinta Kain . . Harga Produk Exclusive Mutiara set ini : Rp. 430.000/set Free Bross dan Totebag 🛍 . . Bahan gamis : Linen Burberry 58 (IMPORT) Bahan kerudung : Wollycrep Calti _ _ Detail Gamis Set Mutiara : Ada Resleting Dada (cocok untuk Busui) Ada Kantong untuk menaruh uang dan Handphone di Kanan dan Kiri Rok Cukup Lebar Ada Tali Pinggang di Kanan dan Kiri Ada Benang Smock dengan jahitan Unik di bagian manset dan rok bawah . . Detail Size PO : S - Xl Detail Size Bergo : 90/115 ❤️ ❤️ Untuk pilihan Warna tersedia 4 Warna. Hasil Foto bisa lebih gelap dari aslinya 10 - 20% ya Sahabat. Insya Allah pengiriman Mutiara Set tgl. 17 Juli 2018 . Untuk pemesanan langsung ke distributor kami atau reseller kami di website #Repost @kataloggeraicinta with • • •

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#Repost @bank_indonesia • • • Perjuangan para pahlawan membangun bangsa, hendaknya kita ilhami dan tiru dalam menata bangsa kita. . Di Hari Kebangkitan Nasional ini, mari kita bersihkan hati, eratkan persaudaraan, dan berjuang mengantar negeri ini ke arah yang lebih baik. . Selamat Hari Kebangkitan Nasional, #SobatRupiah. #HariKebangkitanNasional #diSetiapMaknaIndonesia

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#repost @stonkyfrog🐸💨 point bonita thca from @oldschool_extract ^o^ at 93.88% thca this stuff is potent! a little scoop of these crystals sends me right into deep relaxation ☺️ i was super happy to see @oldschool_extract at @terpmarkethollywood this week! glad i scooped this 1.1 gram from them 💎 #terpmarket #mmj #cannabis #thca #crystals #oldschoolextracts #marijuana #710 #concentrates #dabs #thc #crystalline #review #stonkyfrog #oldschool #extracts #isolate #ThursdaysWeShop #terpmarkethollywood #meengreensplayhouse

What an awesome moment for @originalwiseguy,so dererved! #Repost @pgatour with @get_repost #awesome ・・・ Nothing wrong with getting lucky. 🎲 @originalwiseguy takes advantage of his break. ➡️ #LiveUnderPar